La Cantina Vic Market – Burrito’s, BOOM!


Have you ever been wondering where to find some good South American food? Well in the heart of Vic Market (F Shed) you’ll find La Cantina. I would of never found this place if it wasn’t for my friend at work who took us there for lunch. They’re open when the Vic Market is open so that’s everyday except for Monday & Wednesday.

Love the South American vibe and the music makes you want to get up and start dancing. Across from the bar area there’s ample seating on the market side.

I’ve heard their coffees are pretty good which was evident when the coffee crowd was lining up grabbing their coffee fixes.

I love food and when I was eating this Chicken Burrito I was loving every moment of it, BOOM! I have to say it’s probably best burrito I’ve ever tasted but then again I’ve only had a few. The chicken was marinated well and the wrap was nice and soft and everything just went well together! It’s all homemade so you’re getting authentic South American food and I guarantee it will fill you up because it’s massive!

My friends had the Chacarero with the lot and I think that’s classified as a steak sandwich. The picture below doesn’t do it justice but what’s inside is a thin marinated steak patties, salsa, chopped tomatoes, mayonnaise and guacamole. I had to have a bite and it was pretty damn tasty.

We also had some tappas chorizo and these chilli powdered chips. I’m not a fan of chilli but I had my Mexican Lime drink or Inca Kola on standby.

After lunch it was time for siesta! The burrito was the BOMB and the side tappas just topped it off.

La Cantina has been opened for around 3 years now. I wish I found this place earlier. All those trips down to the Vic Market wondering what to eat. I got to take a photo with the faces behind the counter and pictured on the right of me with the funky moustache is Christian Silva the owner of La Cantina.

If you’re umming and ahhhing about where to eat around the Vic Market precinct or feel like a South American type of breakfast or lunch then La Cantina will satisfy your South American cravings. On a beautiful day with worn out feet from market shopping all morning then La Cantina is the place to sit back relax, sip on some coffee, beer or cocktails (yes they have liquor) and have some fresh homemade South American brunch. I highly recommend the Chicken or Beef Burrito!

Location: Shop 24, F Shed, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 3000
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Care for some Churros?

If you look on the bar behind the menu’s you’ll find a little display with the Spanish Donuts truck which represents the one just around the corner off the Peel St end of the market where you can’t go past without being tempted to buy some Churros! See my post on the Churro Truck – Vic Market

Next Door to Movida is Movida Next Door

Obviously Next Door to Movida (The Original). A small bar serving an awesome lineup of tappas and located on the corner of Flinders St and a funky laneway called Hosier Ln where graffiti, camera enthusiasts and wedding shoots are a regular occurrence.

We went on a Saturday afternoon for a late lunch so it wasn’t too busy, as we entered we were quickly greeted by one of the waiters and escorted to a seat on the bar. Probably the best place to sit so you can easily order and speak to the waiter while you eat and drink, that’s if you’re not there to stare into each others eyes while you hold hands.

Nothing fancy about the look of the menu but the lineup of tappas on order looked tantalising and looking at a few other dishes of people around us, made our mouths water. Plus as it was 2pm, our stomachs were growling, loudly.

To help cool us down from the 36C heat we quickly ordered some sparkling mineral water and allowed our eyes to wander around its decor.

Complimentary bread rolls! My philosophy is if a restaurant serves you complimentary bread rolls and they taste good, then their food must be good! haha. Movida’s bread rolls were fried and crunchy but soft to eat and seasoned nicely. I was hooked on them and would of been satisfied eating them all day long.

I don’t know why, but I seem to always want to order oysters just like when I go to a Japanese restaurant I almost always order sashimi or raw beef tataki. It’s either habit or just a personal favourite to start off a lovely meal.
Oysters weren’t anything special although they were shucked on the spot and were presented nicely.

Next we had some Fried Croquettes with Wild Mushrooms. They were tiny little things but what waited inside was something special. The creamy light mushroom filling and thin layer of bread crumb batter was two contrasting textures that had great flavour.

I wasn’t convinced with the next tappas dish so we only ordered one. But boy was I wrong on this hot day. We ordered a serving of the Ajo Blanco Chilled Almond soup with Grape Granita. It was refreshingly delicious. You could really taste the almond flavour from the cold soup and the grape granita was soft but had a little crunch to it. If you mixed it up a bit and let it sit, the two flavours combined nicely. I loved it so much, I ordered another one.

The last dish we tried which was the highlight. Knowing how fresh the seafood was gave us more reason to try it. Yabbies were live and crawling freely in the window with the other seafood items.

Now that they’ve been ordered, that’s right yabbies, you’re our lunch!!! We saw the chef prepare the yabbies and we were excited. One minute they’re happily crawling around then the next minute they’ve been ordered and ready to be chopped in half and served for lunch or dinner.

The Yabbies were served in the pan they were cooked in, probably around 4 yabbies split in half and cooked in a good mixture of garlic, butter, parsley (I think), a few other ingredients and the juices from the yabbies itself. Scrumptous things they were!

The waiter told us a funny comment a customer made earlier where they wanted to have the yabbie dish but not the live ones in the window. LOL…what yabbies did they want? The live ones in the back?

Anyway what I loved most was the bread rolls that came with them so we could dip them into the yabbie sauce. Like I said before, the bread rolls were awesome, so we asked for more as we quickly gobbled the first batch down.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience at Movida Next Door where the service was great, the food was more than great and the bread rolls were awesome! LOL!

I believe the dishes were fairly priced for the great selection of tappas. I haven’t tried the Original Movida but I’m pretty sure Movida Next Door does it proud. Location is great and when it’s not busy you have time to speak with the waiters and enjoy the food without having people bump into you or shout to have a conversation.

Location: 1 Hosier Ln, Melbourne, 3000
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