Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – Prawn & Pork

Rice paper rolls for dinner. It’s always best to make your own rice paper roll rather than pre-making rice paper rolls.

It gives the family or company time to bond and of course you can make your roll as big or small as you want.


Now how easy is it to prepare and put together? This easy!

So, what are the main ingredients and I’ve added a few tips to putting it together.

I’m going to list this in the order I put my rice paper roll together.

Rice Paper Rolls – best to get them from an Asian grocer rather than your local supermarket like Coles or Woolworths. Have a bowl of hot water to put the rice paper roll in to soften it up ready for rolling.


Lettuce – usually it’s prepared in big pieces but you can also chop em up into smaller pieces.


Mint Leaves & Greens – I like it with mint leaves but there’s other types of leaves you can use to mix it up.


Rice Virmicelli – thin rice noodles you can get from any supermarket or Asian grocer. I don’t like to put alot but some people like to pile this onto their roll.


Cucumber – not necessary but gives the crunch in the roll


Prawns – just boil and peel them. If you’re using larger prawns I like to cut them in half


Pork – boil some pork belly and then cut them into slices


Hoisin Sauce – get this from your local Asian grocer. Start with a bit of oil in a pot on medium heat, add some chopped up garlic, then add the hoisin sauce mixture, add a pinch of salt, a spoonful of peanut butter (yup peanut butter) and then add some boiling water. Make sure to stir constantly.


That’s it. Not hard at all and the best thing about it is that it’s quite healthy minus the sauce.

Nuffnang Foodathon feat. Schweppes @ Stokehouse

The first thing the Schweppes guys asked me when I walked into Stokehouse for the Nuffnang Foodathon was did you want a ‘mocktail‘ or a ‘cocktail‘. If you know me, you don’t have to ask. Pile in the aaaa-alcohol!!! I’m not that bad but when I have a few I’m known to do a few silly things. I’m very responsible with my alcohol, so I made sure I didn’t drive.

Schweppes Cocktail Revolution Bike

Schweppes Cocktail Revolution St Kilda Beach backdrop
View of St Kilda Beach skyline
Everyone having a great time by the beach, cocktail in hand followed by some awesome desserts matched with the Schweppes cocktails. The weather was nice that day but started to turn pear shape as the sun set but that didn’t stop the Cocktails coming.

Let the cocktails roll in. There were a number of pre-drinks which I took advantage of such as gin and tonic, mojito’s but here’s a few of the drinks and desserts that we tried.

This cocktail looks like The Rose Revolution with gin, watermelon, coriander leaves, a few drops of rose water and Schweppes lemonade but apparently it’s a Creole Crush, anyways to match them Stokehouse provided some Watermelon Sorbet…sooo good!!!
Cocktail drinks
Watermelon Sorbet sticks
Next we had some Blood Orange Cosmopolitan mixed with vodka, cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice, a few drops of bitters and Schweepes Blood Orange. I like this one and probably guzzled down 2 or 3.
Blood Orange Cosmopolitan Cocktail
By this point I would of had a few too many cocktails so I’m guessing this was the Mojito mixed with rum, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and Schweppes Soda Water. This went down real easy as you can tell with the ingredients and to follow it came matched with some mango, mint sorbet and chilli (that’s right chilli). Was a bit hesitant to try it and didn’t know if it would work well but surprisingly it was my favourite dessert of the night.Sangria Cocktails
Mango Sorbet Dessert with Chilli
There was still more to come and by this point I was high on mixed drinks and good tasty desserts. Here’s more of the dishes that followed:

The sun was about to set, the clouds were intimidating the beach goers and we were all full and in high spirits. What a way to top off the evening after a hard days work.

St Kilda Beach Sunset
A BIG Thank You to the Nuffnang gang and and to Shelli @Codenamemax for organising the event and not to forget Stokehouse & Schweppes for hosting the awesome lineup of cocktails and desserts!

If you want to find out more on the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution, make sure to visit their site

And here’s a little something before I go, LOL:
Erz on the Cocktail Revolution Bike

TableTopBBQ – Beef Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

The TableTopBBQ is great fun and Melbourne’s weather last Saturday was perfect for a BBQ which gave myself the idea of testing out the TableTopBBQ!!!!

Unboxing of the Table Top BBQ

You get three sauce plates inside, 4 sets of chopsticks and a very handy flip grill…

We were looking at eating a healthy lunch so we decided on Beef Rice Paper Rolls. Off to the butchers we went and bought some top-side beef and asked them to cut it into thin slices (I love the butchers, they’re so convenient).

Marinating the beef: add some lemongrass, fish sauce and a teaspoon of sugar…

Now how to fire up the TableTopBBQ:

Jiffy fire lighters are a must and are placed in the bottom section of the TableTopBBQ and add some newspaper to get it firing up.

Then add your coal in the middle section of the TableTopBBQ covering the holes as best as you can. You know when it’s ready to cook once the coal turns white and is steaming hot (when you hover your hand over it, not by touching it)…

Now let’s cook…you can place the beef in between the grill or top of the grill. I liked it in between the grill which made it super easy to flip when the bottom side was ready…

Look at that beef…

What you need to construct a Beef Rice Paper Roll (In order of placement):
1. Rice Paper (from your asian grocery)
2. Lettuce
3. Mint Leaves
4. Other leaves (optional)
5. Rice Vermicelli
6. Thinly Sliced Cucumbers
7. Pickled Radish (optional)
8. Beef

Here’s one I prepared earlier…

Rolling is easy as long as you didn’t go overboard with the stuffing. Roll the rice paper tightly 3/4 then fold the sides into the middle and complete the roll…

Dip the roll into some pre-prepared Vietnamese fish sauce or in Vietnamese it’s called “nuoc mam”. Google the recipe because it’s a synch.

Please mind my fish sauce, it has remnants of some rice vermicelli and looks like a piece of beef…

Take a bite into your Beef Rice Paper Roll and you’ll never want to order these again from any asian restaurant…

There’s other types of rice paper roll versions out there such as pork and prawn, vegetarian ones, etc but that can wait for another post.

The TableTopBBQ was super fun and easy to use but most of all cooked the beef nicely and evenly and gave it an authentic taste and feel of Vietnam. Can’t wait to have my next cooking adventure with the TableTopBBQ.