Ben & Jerry’s – Peace, Love & Ice-Cream

Sorry Hoyts, move over choc-top, say HELLO to BEN & JERRY’S!!! That’s right, went to the free ice-cream night at Ben & Jerry’s newly opened store at Highpoint Shopping Centre. Went early and there were people already lining up and the wait wasn’t long at all, should of gone back for seconds.I’ve only tried their Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream before which was awesome and now I’ve tried Chunky Monkey with its walnuts, chunky chocolate bits and banana. Massive thumbs up for Chunky Monkey!So many flavours, more excuses to watch more movies at Hoyts. I hope they let you take Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream into the cinema.I hope Ben & Jerry’s is here to stay because we’ve seen the likes of Streets Ice-Cream and other sweet stores disappear from that area.

Gotta love Ben & Jerry’s

China Bar Signature – All You Can Eat

Love asian food? Wish you could eat all the oysters and peking duck you can eat? Then you have to try China Bar Signature Buffet in Burwood!!! It was like a dream come true walking into that place.

The tables are prepared nicely, there’s plenty of space and the place is nice and clean.

Their dinner sessions are from 5:45pm-7:45pm & 8pm-10pm. 2hrs you say? Trust me it’s plenty of time and I advise you to take your time because it’s easy to get full at this place.

Want some raw fish? Ask the sushi chef and he’d slice you some raw salmon, yellowtail & raw tuna. I couldn’t stop myself from having too much sushi & sashimi but thought to myself I can get sushi anytime, so I diverted my tactics to seafood!!!

I probably had 2 dozens oysters, a dozen prawns and a whole lot of scallops.

Peking duck is my favourite and there was an unlimited supply of it. There were two chefs stationed at the peking duck and duck soup section making sure there was enough duck to go around. At one point they were struggling to keep up but managed to keep up with my demands.

They even had a section for noodle lovers, where you could tell the chef to put together the ingredients and then he’d cook the noodle dish for you.

You can’t call it an asian buffet without the dim sim section.

I didn’t manage my time well and got full with 45mins. I had another 1hr 15mins to go but couldn’t help myself to the beautiful wall of desserts!!!

And if you’re a fan of those $1 asian flavoured ice-creams at your local asian grocery store then stuff your face with all these (I know I did)

I would have to make this place one of my top 10 restaurants to try and I’m going to make any excuse to go here at least once a year from now on.
There’s plenty more food there but I can’t cover it all, so only my favourites this time around.

Here’s a few tips for you:
-No need to arrive early (just make sure you book – plenty of tables)
-Take your time (eat slowly)
-Don’t have too much sushi (filled with rice = get full quickly)
-Don’t waste food, I think they have a disclaimer that they’ll charge you if you waste food
-Make sure you leave room for dessert!!!!

Checkout their website for prices, times and reservation details

Location:380 Burwood Highway, Burwood East, VIC 3151
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