Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding with Candied Orange Zest and Creme Chantilly

What mouthful to say but what a mouth watering dessert.

I decided to cook-a-long with George on Friday and boy did I get my hands dirty. I prepared all my ingredients, measured up all that was required and had all the cooking utensils, bowls and appliances ready.

The time to start finally came and George didn’t waste any time and started mixing all the ingredients for the hazelnut pudding. I tried to keep up, although I had limited viewing angle to the TV but I still somewhat managed to keep up. Luckily a TV commercial came up and I was able to just catch up and place the pudding in the oven with the chocolate sauce sitting on top of the pudding. Then came the orange zest and Creme Chantilly.

The orange zest was fine but having to watch that and not let it burn on the stove whilst whisking the creme Chantilly was a bit hectic and I found myself almost over cooking the zest but unfortunately over whisking the creme Chantilly.

Platting up was fun although the zest was quite warm and it melted my Creme Chantilly, so I had to take the picture quickly. It was fun but at the same time messy and hectic. I would love to try this dessert again, although at my own pace.  Recipe from Masterchef Cook-A-Long.