The Churro Truck – Vic Market – Churro King’s

Do you know of the Churro Truck permanently parked at the Victoria Market Peel St end? Of course you do because it’s the best churros and freshest churros around. Hordes of people stand there like zombies waiting for the churros to be freshly cooked because we all know churros are best when they’re warm.

The guys let me hop inside the truck and take some photos to see the churro cooking in action and so I could get some nice photos. When the churros are done they’re hung for a minute to let it cool slightly and then chopped into churro pieces and served fresh with a dusting of icing sugar and an optional choice of warm milk chocolate sauce.

The churro truck is open everyday except the days when Vic Market are closed which is Monday & Wednesday  I like my churros plain with some icing sugar and passing the churro truck when I’m in the area I just have to get some. Say hello to the guys in the truck, they won’t bite.

Location: Peel Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 3000
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