BBQ @ Healsville Sanctuary – Eating With The Animals

A wonderful day for a day trip and a perfect day for a BBQ.  No this wasn’t on Australia Day, I just haven’t had the time to post this up. It was actually between Christmas and New Years 2010.
We got there pretty late (11am) and the line was massive. But we were greeted by Mr Toilet Man, a grassy camp insect and a friendly lizard who entertained us while we lined up.

Before exploring the place we had to find a BBQ area. There were 2 areas with a BBQ, one near the dingos and the other near the kangaroos (I think). There were 4 BBQs near the dingos section which are free to use and they were in pretty good condition.
Without wasting any time we chucked some chicken skewers, sausages, hamburgers & corn onto the BBQ. Prepared the table with some salads, bread, rolls and other tasty treats. We were so prepared and brought everything you would need for a BBQ except some cooking OIL. Luckily we asked the restaurant/cafe and they were kind enough to give us some oil.

Cooking was finally done, btw they had tables available or you could go for the picnic rug option. Twas a feast but was looking forward to walking it off!

After lunch we were just in time for the “Birds Of Prey” show which was probably my highlight but you need to get there early so you can grab yourself a nice seat or a seat under some shade (was a hot day). Otherwise if you’re not fussed the crowd ends up overflowing to the grass area.
At times like these, I wish I had an awesome zoom lense for my SLR, hence no good pictures of the birds except for this wild wedge-tailed eagle who decided to join in on the party or to show off in front of the Sanctuary’s own wedge-tailed eagle.

I could post all the pictures of the animals we saw but here’s a few of my favourites. Unfortunately the kangaroos were having their siesta time and didn’t want to be fed so I decided not to include them in my photos (serves you right! lazy kangaroos!) anyways…Enjoy!

Things to know if you plan to go to Healsville Snactuary:-Arrive early, it gets busy
-Pack light, don’t want to be carrying eskies around the place, plus if you’re lucky and you came early, you would of got premium parking space to return items to your car

-Make sure you bring cooking oil if you’re going to have a BBQ

-Good walking shoes

-Plan what you want to see before arriving such as shows, feeding time, etc

-Leave time for after Healsville Sanctuary and visit the Blueberry Farm Cafe which is 2 minutes away (we got there at 4:45pm and they closed their kitchen….boooo them, there were 8 unsatisfied potential customers)

Location: Badger Creek Rd, Healesville VIC 3777
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