St Edmonds Cafe – Brekkie

poached eggs on sourdoughlatte

St Edmonds Cafe joins a vast amount of funky cafe’s in Prahran with cosy seating inside and covered seating outside. Serving a brunch and lunch menu daily and dinner on Thursday and Friday night.

I went one early morning for a quick meeting so ordered a latte and poached eggs on sourdough. Bread was a bit burnt and one poached eggs was slightly over cooked and didn’t ooze out with eggporn yolk goodness but I guess it’s just your normal eggs on toast. I waited too long to take a photo of the latte but that’s a normal foodie thing to not drink or eat until photos have been taken.

latteYou can’t miss St Edmonds as the cafe stands out with it’s bright graffiti filled front face and is just off the corner of well known Greville St in Prahran.

Service wasn’t the best but I find that from a lot of these brunch cafes. I like the exterior of the cafe, the coffee isn’t that great and food was okay. Probably better cafe’s to try down the road.

St Edmonds
154 St Edmonds Rd
Prahran, VIC 3181

Lucky Coq – My fav pizza hangout after 7pm


$4 Pizza sounds pretty good to me and should sound pretty good for you too. Thin based pizza’s with what I call more gourmet ingredients than the normal take away pizza joint. Nothing too fancy but my style of pizza. If it’s got mascarpone in it, then I like it.

The Salmone pizza with smoked salmon, spinach, mozzarella & mascarpone is my favourite and will order that without fail. Luckily for me, my partner always orders something else so I get to try that.



$4 pizza’s aren’t available all day but that’s no problem because there’s plenty of time slots to fit it into your day.

The times are:
11:30am-4pm – Weekdays
7pm-11pm – Mon-Thurs
7pm-9pm – Fri-Sat
All day on Sunday til 11pm


The atmosphere and music is dark and retro with a bunch of comfy couches, chairs and tables. There’s weird stuff on the walls and ceilings and a whole lot of cocks (roosters cocks…geez guys…so immature). During peak hours its hard to find a seat but don’t fret it’s all worth it. Just grab a drink and hover around a table and the people will probably start to feel weird around you and surrender their seat.

Location: Corner of Chapel & High St, Prahran 3181, Australia
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Basil Pesto Dip

Amee on Instagram requested a recipe for my Basil Pesto Dip pictured above, so this post is just for you 🙂

This is how I make pesto, it’s so easy to remember that you can whip it up in 5 minutes for a quick healthy snack with crackers or add it to some pasta.


– 1 bunch of Basil leaves
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (up to you on how much you want)
– Pine nuts (or cashews)
– 1 tbls Parmesan Cheese
– 1 tsp Salt

– Clean the basil leaves and place into a StickMaster/MixMaster or do it old school and use a mortar and pestle to break down the leaves into small pieces.
– Now the rest is easy, throw the garlic cloves, nuts, parmesan and salt into the StickMaster, pour in the Olive Oil and then mix away. Up to you on how fine you want to blend it down to, but I like to blend it until the basil leaves have fully been chopped into tiny pieces, especially when i use it for dips.

This is the same method I use when making pesto for pasta, all you do is mix is together with your cooked pasta and you have a quick easy healthy dish. I like to also add a few pieces of chicken, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese to make it a little more exciting.

You can use different leave/greens to make pesto but I’ve only tried this method with spinach and basil, so let me know what else you’ve used to make pesto.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes so easy to make

Cookie Monster Cupcakes will be the hit of your party. They look cool and everyone wants to take photos of them. Next time I’ll try and make Oscar the Grouch and Elmo cupcakes!!!

It’s so easy to make these. Just make any flavour cupcake then time to decorate.

1. Cut a slit for the mouth
2. Spread on some blue icing (use food colouring with cream cheese icing)
3. sprinkle on some long blue sprinkles on top of the icing – make sure to cover most of the icing because I think it looks better (blue sprinkles found at your local cake shop)
4. Use some fondant icing for the eyes (found at your local cake shop)
5. And for the final touch use some chocolate chip cookies to place it in the slit you cut in the cupcake for Cookie Monster’s mouth.

That’s it! But make sure you leave plenty of time to put these together as it takes time to make the eyes, you need to let the cupcakes cool before icing them and then presentation is always good when you take your time.