Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – Prawn & Pork

Rice paper rolls for dinner. It’s always best to make your own rice paper roll rather than pre-making rice paper rolls.

It gives the family or company time to bond and of course you can make your roll as big or small as you want.


Now how easy is it to prepare and put together? This easy!

So, what are the main ingredients and I’ve added a few tips to putting it together.

I’m going to list this in the order I put my rice paper roll together.

Rice Paper Rolls – best to get them from an Asian grocer rather than your local supermarket like Coles or Woolworths. Have a bowl of hot water to put the rice paper roll in to soften it up ready for rolling.


Lettuce – usually it’s prepared in big pieces but you can also chop em up into smaller pieces.


Mint Leaves & Greens – I like it with mint leaves but there’s other types of leaves you can use to mix it up.


Rice Virmicelli – thin rice noodles you can get from any supermarket or Asian grocer. I don’t like to put alot but some people like to pile this onto their roll.


Cucumber – not necessary but gives the crunch in the roll


Prawns – just boil and peel them. If you’re using larger prawns I like to cut them in half


Pork – boil some pork belly and then cut them into slices


Hoisin Sauce – get this from your local Asian grocer. Start with a bit of oil in a pot on medium heat, add some chopped up garlic, then add the hoisin sauce mixture, add a pinch of salt, a spoonful of peanut butter (yup peanut butter) and then add some boiling water. Make sure to stir constantly.


That’s it. Not hard at all and the best thing about it is that it’s quite healthy minus the sauce.

Quang Vinh – St Albans – Westsideeee

Welcome to the Westside! Quang Vinh sits on the most popular street in St Albans, ‘Alfrieda St’! In my opinion Quang Vinh is probably the best Vietnamese restaurant on the street. You can’t miss it with its big orange neon sign.Quang Vinh Store Front

I’m a big fan of trying new places and trying different and beautiful food but everyone needs a safety net when you just want a good feed without the big effort to book, travel and experiment with your taste buds. I have a regular set of dishes I order when I come here, so I guess I’m recommending the following dishes:

Chicken Spare RIbsChicken Spare Ribs: These are so crispy and so tasty that I could eat a bucket full of them.

Mongolian Sizzling BeefMongolian Sizzling Beef: Stand back when this arrives because it really does sizzle! The beef is nice and juicy and is perfect with any type of rice (fried, plain & tomato) This is a perfect dish to share.

Diced Beef With Tomato Rice

Diced Beef with Tomato Rice: I label this as the white man’s dish of choice. Every non-asian loves diced beef and to get someone who’s new to Vietnamese food or eating at a Vietnamese restaurant, start them on this dish. I’ve had a good share of diced beef and this places high on my list.

Flounder with Tamarind sauce

Flounder with Tamarind sauce: Flash fried flounder is awesome! Sometimes the tamarind sauce can be overwhelming but then you just scrape the excess off. Durrr! This is another great dish for sharing.

Seafood Hotpot

Seafood Hotpot: I’m a big fan of seafood but not so much with vegetables…typical male! So its a dish I don’t usually order but when someone else does, I tend to steal all the seafood pieces before they all disappear. It’s a good dish but not of my forte.

Quang Vinh has so many items on their menu and I probably won’t try all of them but I do like my favourites. I suggest not to order take-away as it tastes much better fresh. Went to eat there on a Wednesday night and the place was full and had to share a large table with another group of people.

When it comes to Vietnamese restaurants, service is quite poor and this place is no exception. Sometimes I feel that asian restaurants or waiters give me the impression that I should be privileged to eat at their restaurant but being engaged to one, I guess I’m used to it (jokes if you’re reading this). As I said Quang Vinh is one of my safety nets and always find myself eating there and generally the food is good.Menu

Location: Alfrieda St, St Albans, 3021
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Phone: (03) 9366 4147