Sydney Weekend Getaway

Sydney Weekend away was so good. We’ve been to Sydney heaps and this time it was more to relax and eat and less sightseeing. We had great fun.

Places we covered:
Harbour Bridge
Opera House
Circular Quay
Darling Harbour
Star City
Sydney’s Fish market

Places we ate at:
Opera Bar
Chat Thai
The Falconer
Zumbo’s Dessert Train

Honeymooning in South Korea – Episode 1: “Learnerchef Style”

We’ve always wanted to go South Korea and we knew we were gonna have so much fun that we decided to do it “Gangnam Styles” where ever we went. Checkout our “LearnerChef Style” video of our South Korea trip and also note this is Episode 1 of 2 because we couldn’t fit our whole trip into one. Hope you enjoy because we had a blast.

Here’s some places we visited:

-EWA Woman’s University
-Lotte World
-Jeju Island

Vietnam Trip 2012 – Highlights

Here’s a quick highlight of our 2 day Vietnam stop over before we head to South Korea. So watch this space 🙂

The traffic is nuts in Vietnam, the food is amazing (pho, banh xeo (vietnamese pancakes), hotpots, etc), we love Vietnamese coffee, the weather is hot and muggy but we had an amazing time and got to see Jenny’s family which was extra special. Plus they spoilt us by picking us up and driving us everywhere and showing us all the local hot spots for food. Can’t wait to go back to Vietnam for a longer holiday in February next year for 4 weeks during the very festive season of Chinese New Year.

Enjoy 🙂

NAPBAS 2011 – Malaysia – Day2 – Golf, Blog Awards & Beautiful People

One month has passed and I’ve only managed to get Day2 of the NAPBAS Malaysia trip out. Oh well, I like to take my time. hehehe.Day2

Friday was the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards so that meant free time until the evening. So we decided to have a hit on the golf course after breakfast which should of given us enough time to head back to our hotel room to get ready.

The sunnies out, golf gear on, the cool kids are ready for some golf.

Tim starts us off with a smashing hit…or was it?

Tim & Kruppy played as one team who were proabably 2 or 3 holes in front of us so we decided to skip a few holes and steal their buggy. Here’s a pic of Dave stealing their buggy, it’s pretty tiny but it’s proof that he stole it. LOL

When 2 buggy’s became 3.

The Awards

After golf it was straight to the hotel room to get ready for the Blog Awards!

This is where the beautiful people part comes up. Everyone looked stunning and sh-mick for the Blog Awards. To start off we have the Nuffnang Australia Crew

Followed by a whole bunch of pictures with a bunch of beautiful people.

From left to right we have, Alicia –Sea Of Ghosts, Janice – Chaigyaru, Jenny & V.

Here’s most of the beautiful Nuffnang Australia Bloggers just before the Awards started. Yup women rule the Australian blogging scene.

The doors finally opened for to start of the Blog Awards. The place was decked out, lots of lights, massive stage, and a voice-over repeating some house rules. To match the grand hotel the awards were held in they had a grand awards opening performance of cabaret dancers and lights flashing everywhere.

The Food

For Entree they served:
– Mediterranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dressing on Crispy Lettuce (I liked the tobiko dressing)
– Puree of Split Pea Soup with Herb Twist (The soup was delish)
– Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint (A bit sweet for me)

For Mains they served:

– Pan-fried Dory Fillet with Spicy Peach Sauce
– Pistachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme with Thyme Gravy

For Dessert they served:
– Tiramisu in a Chocolate Cup with Strawberry & Vanilla Sauce

It was a bit hard to take photos of the food with the dim lighting but managed to squeeze out some photos.

There were a few other performances and acts for entertainment between award presentations and next thing you know the awards was over. It probably would of gone quicker as they were serving Tiger beer during the awards but they came around too slow 🙁

More happy snaps after the awards dinner and presentations. I know more pics of Jenny…hahahaha…she loves the limelight.

Jenny & Tim

Jenny & Pinky from Nuffnang Malaysia

The 2 BFFs Jenny & Janice

And this is probably the only picture I got to take of me during the whole night 🙁 and I thought I looked pretty snazzy in my suit. At least I look happy.

Now the awards were over, then came the after party to the best Night Club in Malaysia ‘ZOUK‘. I didn’t bother taking my DSLR to the after party but I think Jenny took her point and shoot and took some funny snaps. Hopefully I can grab some and post it up.

Zouk rocked but the only thing I can remember was heading home around 3 or 4am and Kruppy & Tim got hungry (OK, I did too) so we told the taxi driver to take us to KFC!!! hahaha. Was a crazy night and this was only Day 2 of 5.

OK Day3 next post will be the tour around Malaysia followed by more partying and some late night street food burgers.