Laksa King – Malaysian – Short tram ride from the city

Nasi Goreng

Melbourne’s outskirts have plenty to offer. Went to Laksa King for lunch to farewell a work colleague moving positions.

We were glad that we were able to book a table for 15-20 people the day before as the place was full when we arrived. Always wanted to try this place so this was a perfect opportunity to bring my camera and take some happy snaps and food snaps.

I don’t think any of us had eaten here before so expectations were based on Urbanspoon otherwise our other alternative was Taj Palace in Footscray. I’m glad we chose Laksa King!

Cutlery & Menu

Because the place was full during the lunch rush we all wondered if they even reserved a table for us. But then we were surprised there was a large table area on the side and more seating at the back.

The place seats more than what I thought and the buzzing atmosphere and decor was very pleasing. You wouldn’t come here for a meeting, so all the reviews about it being too loud is a bit silly in my opinion because it adds buzz and atmosphere.

Laksa King interior

Service was exceptionally good and the place was well staffed for the lunch rush. For a lunch break you’re always conscious on time and all our dishes came out pretty quickly! As well as the floor staff, if you look into the open kitchen, there’s a dozen or more kitchen staff and chefs to feed an army.

Open Kitchen

I ordered the Ipoh fried noodles and when it came out I thought it looked pretty damn tasty. When I dug deep to the fried noodles I thought it tasted burnt but every time I eat this, it sort of always does. It’s probably normal but i still enjoyed the dish overall.

Ipoh Noodles

The Singapore noodles and Nasi Goreng looked awesome, I might have to try them next time (that’s right will be returning)

Singapore Noodles

Overall everyone was quite pleased with their meals, ambiance and service. I recommend trying this place and hopefully you’ll have a similar pleasant experience to what I did. One thing I can’t comment on is their Laksa which did look good but everyone that had a Laksa gave it a big thumbs up so maybe it’ll have to be a Laksa next time I visit.

I’m building on my Malaysian cuisine having eaten at a number of Malaysian restaurants and I’m slowly becoming a big fan!

Laksa King Store Front

Location: 6/10-12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington VIC 3031
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Phone: (03) 9372 6383