NAPBAS 2011 Malaysia – Day 1 – Hotel, Shopping, Food & Peace Signs

Five Days and four nights of good company, celebrating, eating, photo taking, a lot of napping and a whole lot of peace signs. I was super lucky to be invited to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Malaysia and I have to say a big thank you to Nuffnang Australia for having me there.

I’m going to spread this trip over a couple of posts because there’s so much to share and so many photos that I can’t cull them all into one post.


We arrived in KL around 9 in the morning and headed straight to our hotel the Marriot which is in IOI Resort City, Putrajaya. Such a beautiful hotel, everything is so big and grand which is why they probably picked the place to hold the Blog Awards.

We were too early to check in so I guess all we could do was go shopping!!! But before we left we freshened up. While we waited for a taxi Holly, V & Jenny posed Asian style!

Whilst the guys posed like I wasn’t taking photos of them.

When I thought we were about to go, everyone realised there was free wireless in the foyer, then out came the laptops for a bit of work. Gee these guys work hard. LOL!

We were finally off to the city but before we left, we watched one of the workers polishing the leaves on one of the plants outside the hotel which we found a bit odd.

Anyways, the guys were obviously tired from the plane trip and it didn’t take them long to get snoozing. So many parties and late nights we all took advantage of the trips between our hotel in Putrajaya and KL which was around 30mins.

We hadn’t really eaten breakfast so our stomach’s were up for anything. Some of the guys have been here before so they took us down to the underground secret lair or the Isetan Foodmarket at the bottom level of the Isetan Shopping Mall, I think. Everyone rushed to get their food and quickly gobbled it down so I couldn’t take any photos of their food 🙁

After lunch we did a bit of shopping in Isetan and then more eating. Oh no! Well I guess we could fit a bit more in.

Having fun walking around in the heat I loved walking into air-conditioned stores and buildings. Here’s one of Tim enjoying the fan at the monorail platform. And look at the picture of Holly and Jenny in the monorail and the guy behind them on the right. I guess public affection isn’t normal in Malaysia well then again this involves 2 girls.

I’m the cameraman so I don’t get to take a lot of photos of me 🙁 and this was the only one of Jenny and I.

Here we go again, not even an hour and we’re eating again. As we walk through to the restaurant, we passed the colourful apartments in downtown KL. At this point it looked like it was going to rain, luckily we made it to the restaurant before it began to pour. I don’t know what we ate but we ordered what the restaurant was famous for and even though we were full I thought it was pretty good!

It kept on raining the whole time we were in the restaurant and our next destination was Pavilion but the rain didn’t stop us from getting there. Nor did it dampen the Nuffnang spirit (Especially Tim)

We finally arrived at Pavilion! Actually we were just across the road from there in the morning but food came first. Asia and their massive malls and boy do they know how to decorate them. Puts Australian malls to shame.

Taking a taxi back to the hotel in Malaysia may bring you to another hotel or suburb all together, can be a shabby taxi with no air-con or in this case “KARAOKE”. LOL!!! That’s right Taxi Karaoke, only in Asia! The only bad thing was he only had one english song CD and they were songs we’ve never heard before, FAIL but still funny!

Check-in time! The rooms were very nice, spacious and the bed and pillows were a dream (well I thought they were great coz I had the best sleep all 4 nights)

The best thing about the room was the central control panel which sat on the bedside table and controlled all the lights, the air-conditioning, the alarm and the clock. Which meant I didn’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights.

I could end my post here but Day1 continued! We got dressed freshened up and headed back to the Pavilion for some dinner at Watami Casual Japanese but before that Kruppy and I thought we’d ride the carousel and Grace was hanging for a massive lolipop (I didn’t bring my camera but the trusty iPhone was close by)

Watami was our favourite place to eat as we ate here on the first and last day. Here’s a bit of what we ate:

Sorry for the long post but finally. We went walking around Bukit Bintang and close by was Alor Jalan (I think) which had hawker food stalls that were open pretty late or 24 hours so I was told. We were sooooo full but Jenny, Tim & Kruppy still had enough room for some sweet tofu or ‘Tau Foo Far’! Well I think they made Kruppy try it and it didn’t look like he liked it that much.

What a long day but eventful day with so much food, rain, transport, napping, good company and a lot of peace signs (I saved you the trouble and removed a number of them) All that in one day which meant an early breakfast the next day. Most of the bloggers arrive at the hotel. A bit of free time during the morning to afternoon which meant some golf and then getting ready for the Blog awards. If the blog awards weren’t enough, everyone was invited to the best nightclub in Malaysia ‘Zouk’!

Give me a couple of days and I can dish out Day2 of the NAPBAS 2011 Malaysia trip. Peace out!