Super Food Ideas – Christmas Food Ideas


Wondering what to cook for Christmas this year? Or just wondering what to cook tonight? Well then Super Food Ideas Magazine has something for you.

Just flicking through the magazine I was already eyeing out all the mouth watering dishes I could put together for this year’s Christmas party with the family and friends. Being the Learner Chef and all, I need to live up to my name and just cook more.

So I had the following criteria looking through the magazine:

1. Needs to look appealing (I want people to eat it)

2. Needs to have a picture of what I’m going to make (I like to compare)

3. Needs to be easy to cook or bake (I’m still learning)

4. Needs to be something that everyone can share

Super food ideas

When I flipped to the Christmas edible gifts page (Page 29) the Coconut Snowballs caught my eye. The picture looked amazing, great composition, colour and just something I would definitely want to eat if I saw it amongst the dessert table at a party.

I quickly read through the recipe and steps and it looked simple enough for me to follow and it’s something everyone can share. I love how it gives a price value for how much each snowball costs ($0.42 each) and these values are on every recipe in the magazine which I think is fantastic. So if I make 28 which is the recipes approximation, which means it’ll cost me $11.76 to make. Woohoo! What a bargain. With my criteria all ticked off, I’m set for at least one dish of many parties during Christmas.

Super food ideas subscription

If you’re smart you’ll plan your Christmas menu early and this month’s edition of Super Food Ideas Magazine is full of recipes that the average reader (like me) can put together and the best thing about the magazine is that it’s only $3.25 which is cheaper than a large coffee to take away. I was looking through the 40 page Christmas bonus section but there’s was still another 90 pages of recipes and ideas on the flip reverse side.

I can’t wait to make my Coconut Snowballs! I guess I could do a test batch. Anyone want to be a taste tester?

Cooking magazines

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A festive family feast on Christmas Eve

This year my family decided to have a fairly traditional westernized Christmas feast as much as possible. My mum decided to have ham, turkey and duck. Can you believe that? A bit overkill with the meat but you know what? It turned out well…let’s start off with the meats…

My sister prepared the turkey with some baked potatoes (great work with the turkey and potatoes). I don’t usually like turkey but I enjoyed this one…

My dad prepared the duck! First he boiled it, then placed it in the oven…

I told him that doesn’t look cooked, then he told me, “it’s only half way there”. I saw him brushing it with his marinade, then cooked it in the oven for a bit longer and the next thing I knew it was ready and boy did it taste good!!!

Everyone, meat my leg of ham!

That’s right, I cooked the leg of ham and everyone loved it. I felt quite chuffed!

Poked a bunch of holes into it to let the marinade seep into the ham and then marinated it in pineapple juice for 2 days. Before I placed it in the oven I brushed maple syrup all over the skin then every 5-10 minutes I brushed it with my pineapple and maple syrup mixture to keep it nice and moist.

It looks like the pig’s head but really, it’s pork leg…

I know I’m working backwards here but I can’t forget the wonderful entree we had…

Like Joseph’s restaurant @ The Harvest Picnic we prepared a maple syrup and walnut crushed sauce to drizzle on the oysters and of course some lemon and pepper sauce as well…I know a sweet maple sauce on oysters doesn’t make sense but you gotta try it…it’s delish!

Dad also prepared some fruit cheese with some juicy red currants for entree (nice for entree and after dinner)

Then my sister spoilt us with her array of desserts from leche flan (popular filipino dessert…which I’m determined to attempt and ace soon!), a rich and creamy choc ripple cake, beautiful pavlova and some sweet beans (often used for halo halo a filipino crushed ice drink…I’ll do a post one time)

OMG!!! What a feast!!! There were a few other things we had, such as salad, a creamy potato egg and corn salad and my mum can’t go without rice so we mixed up some fried rice for her…okay I admit I had some too.

Meet my family minus myself, as you can see we were all in the Christmas spirit and wore Christmas colours. My little nephew had a little elf outfit on. So cute!!!Then you have Miss Jen as a dorky christmas reindeer…Then me with dorky christmas reindeer!!!

I hope everyone had a fun filled Christmas with lots of joy, laughter and presents and my family and I wish everyone a great and awesome year

I Get It Mum…It’s Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and my mum goes over board with the decorations …here’s a little snippet of what she’s like…

Self made bows for the Christmas tree…made by Miss Jen and my mother (great bonding time)…

Dining table decor…

some reindeer here and there…

And my personal favourite…baubles hanging from the light fixtures…

Oh mothers. They do strange things to create great entertainment, work extremely hard and love endlessly. My mumma works tirelessly throughout the 7 day week in addition to studying too. She enjoys cooking but with her hectic schedule, my sister, dad and I have taken on a cooking rotation and with this, a competitive nature is formed in the kitchen, especially on Sundays.

So what was on the burner by this lil’ learner this Sunday? To find out click here