Chillipadi – India – Melbourne Central

Chillipadi – India in Melbourne Central and right next door you have Chilli-India, express indian food. I’ve been to Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam and enjoyed the hawker style Malaysian food there and I’ve been to Chillipadi Watergardens where the food and service was okay but what I really liked was the decor of the restaurant and the massive round table for banquets and functions (gotta revisit the place, forgot my camera last time). So I was pretty excited and had mixed feelings about Chillipadi at Melbourne Central.

I was happy to be invited on Food Pamering Yourself’s 2nd Food Trail on a Wednesday night at Chillipadi-India so it was a relaxed setup and was able to share it with a good handful of other great food bloggers. We also got to meet Robert and Li (pictured) from Chillipadi who were wonderful hosts and Li explained and prepared the dishes for us and even gave us a good history lesson on Malaysian food and Malaysian heritage. Can’t thank Robert and Li enough for the wonderful feast they prepared for us with dishes from both Chillipadi-India and Chilli-India.

I’ve been past many times but in case you can’t find it there’s 2 entrances to Chillipadi-India. One is through Melbourne Central right next to Max Brenner Chocolate and the other is on the corner of Lt Lonsdale St and Elizabeth St. You can’t miss it.
Now on to the food gawking! We started with some red wine and some of us ordered our own drinks.Here we have the Milo Dinosaur, I tried this at the Mamak Kopitiam restaurant and thought it looked cooler in the jar they served it in but it probably tasted the same.I ordered the Bandung which is apparently a popular Malaysian drink which consists of milk, rose syrup and basil seeds. I really liked it, it was nice and refreshing and helped me with the spicy food. Behind the bandung was the Ribena & Lychees drink which also looked nice and refreshing.

Chicken Lobak, this was a great dish to start the night. Nice and soft with it’s chicken stuffing and bean curd skin.My picture doesn’t do the dish justice but this is a Duck Salad. The salad had slices of duck, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and some dressing.Pad Thai (Seafood) was cooked just the way I like it. Yumm! Update 15/06/11 7:25pm: This is actually Penang Fried Keuy Teow (thanks Ashely from Food Pampering for correcting me) Followed by some Fried soft tofu.Above is the Indonesian Beef Rendang which was a little spicy for me but I actually enjoyed it even thought got me a little flustered. I guess that’s why they’re called Chillipadi.Now I can’t remember what this was but it looked like layered roti with some filling. I should paid more attention. But I like anything with roti or roti like. Update 15/06/11 11:10am: This dish is Roti reuben, stuffed with chicken curry, mayo and sweet chilli sauce (from Ashley – I’m So Hungreeeee)Here we have prawns covered in flaky oats. Got the opportunity to get my hands dirty by peeling the skin or if you’re lazy or you like you can opt to eat the skin. I liked the prawns but the flaky bits didn’t do it for me.The Fish Curry was my favourite. Good amount of spice and the flavours all blended nicely and went well with the rice. From memory it had some vegetables and eggplant in it too. Will come back for this dish.To finish off our feast we had a calamari/seafood salad, at this point we were all pretty satisfied and couldn’t ask for me. But then we were introduced to one of the chefs at Chilli-India!We also got invited to watch him demonstrate some roti making.
Went back upstairs to find out, we were going to taste some more food from next door’s Chilli-India. Should of seen our faces, we were almost at the point of “time to release a button full” but our eyes still gleamed with excitement.I don’t know what it’s called but a long roti tissue dish came out with three types of dips. I think there was a coconut dip and a curry style dip and not sure what the other one was. The roti broke off easily and the dipping sauces were great. Good dish to have for a casual meetup or to start a feast off. Update 15/06/11 11:13am: This is called Dosai, made with rice flour.(from Ashley – I’m So Hungreeeee)Then we were served some Tandoori Chicken and some flavoured Basmati Rice. The chicken was good as you enjoyed the tandoori marinate and was nice and juicy.Followed by some super creamy Butter Chicken and roti chanai, my favourite. I could just eat roti and butter chicken all day long. Definitely come past for some of this.This was the final dish to arrive. Roti Tissue with chocolate syrup, condense milk and nuts to dress. We couldn’t keep our hands off it. Soft roti just breaks off and if the syrup and milk wasn’t enough you could take a dip at the pool of chocolate, milk and nuts at the bottom of the plate.To top off the wonderful feast we had, we were served some Green Tea infused with Rosemary. I’m not really into the infused flavours with green tea but this I liked! Where can I get some?We spent most of our time upstairs which had a beautiful array of wine bottles and Liquor for decor.There’s also a small balcony area upstairs with a good view of the alley or you can hire it out for private functions and also hire the upstairs area for functions (seats 60). Giving me ideas!
Good location, a favourite for the after clubbing scene being opened til 5:00am from Thursday to Saturday and a good range of food and prices according to your preference. I enjoyed the food, the company and Robert and Li were great. I would like to go back and have the full dining experience and try my favourites and more. Definitely recommend giving this place a go for a mix of Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Chinese and a bit of Japanese cuisine.

Location: Shop E07 Menzies Alley Melbourne Central, Crn Lt Lonsdale & Elizabeth, Melbourne.
Phone: 03 9663 5688
Opening Hours: Sunday to Wednesday (10am til late), Thursday to Saturday (10am-5am)

Good Times At Queen Vic Night Market


Have you been to the Suzuki Night Market yet? Well next week (March 2nd 2011) is the last one until Nov later this year.

Do you go for the food? maybe for the entertainment? the great bargains? or maybe because of the awesome buzz you get being at the Suzuki Night Market! Whatever it is, it’s worth a visit, entry is FREE, plenty of parking at a low flat rate and it’s great to catch up with mates.

I love going for the food and for the people.

Gozleme is soo good and it’s perfect to share.

My new friend from Foooooodpamperingyourself recommended the crocodile burger so I gave it go. Seeing it get cooked on the BBQ made my mouth water and I had to try one. A little chewy, didn’t taste like chicken so it was satisfying to my tummy.
Another favourite are the Churros but then again, churros are easily available at your nearest San Churro’s cafe.

On a warm night, everywhere you look, you’ll see someone holding a Sangria. I found it a bit strong but, what the hell everyone has one, why not just hold onto it and look cool like everyone else.

I don’t know why, but another thing you see a number of people holding and eating are these potato twists! So I had to try one. Very simple concept, the flavours are simple, I think it’s because it looks different.

Another popular item is the dutch pancakes! I have to say, the cream, butter, chocolate and sugar they put on these things make it a deadly sugar overdose dessert!!!

There’s plenty more food available and great entertainment on both ends of the market. Arrive early to avoid the lines and goodluck finding a table after 7pm. If you haven’t been yet. Next week is the last one for a while. But then again, there’s always next time. Enjoy the rest of the food pics.

Actually I forgot to show you my friend’s creativity or immaturity. It’s all good, my friend’s and I think he’s alright.

Location:155 Victoria Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
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Next Door to Movida is Movida Next Door

Obviously Next Door to Movida (The Original). A small bar serving an awesome lineup of tappas and located on the corner of Flinders St and a funky laneway called Hosier Ln where graffiti, camera enthusiasts and wedding shoots are a regular occurrence.

We went on a Saturday afternoon for a late lunch so it wasn’t too busy, as we entered we were quickly greeted by one of the waiters and escorted to a seat on the bar. Probably the best place to sit so you can easily order and speak to the waiter while you eat and drink, that’s if you’re not there to stare into each others eyes while you hold hands.

Nothing fancy about the look of the menu but the lineup of tappas on order looked tantalising and looking at a few other dishes of people around us, made our mouths water. Plus as it was 2pm, our stomachs were growling, loudly.

To help cool us down from the 36C heat we quickly ordered some sparkling mineral water and allowed our eyes to wander around its decor.

Complimentary bread rolls! My philosophy is if a restaurant serves you complimentary bread rolls and they taste good, then their food must be good! haha. Movida’s bread rolls were fried and crunchy but soft to eat and seasoned nicely. I was hooked on them and would of been satisfied eating them all day long.

I don’t know why, but I seem to always want to order oysters just like when I go to a Japanese restaurant I almost always order sashimi or raw beef tataki. It’s either habit or just a personal favourite to start off a lovely meal.
Oysters weren’t anything special although they were shucked on the spot and were presented nicely.

Next we had some Fried Croquettes with Wild Mushrooms. They were tiny little things but what waited inside was something special. The creamy light mushroom filling and thin layer of bread crumb batter was two contrasting textures that had great flavour.

I wasn’t convinced with the next tappas dish so we only ordered one. But boy was I wrong on this hot day. We ordered a serving of the Ajo Blanco Chilled Almond soup with Grape Granita. It was refreshingly delicious. You could really taste the almond flavour from the cold soup and the grape granita was soft but had a little crunch to it. If you mixed it up a bit and let it sit, the two flavours combined nicely. I loved it so much, I ordered another one.

The last dish we tried which was the highlight. Knowing how fresh the seafood was gave us more reason to try it. Yabbies were live and crawling freely in the window with the other seafood items.

Now that they’ve been ordered, that’s right yabbies, you’re our lunch!!! We saw the chef prepare the yabbies and we were excited. One minute they’re happily crawling around then the next minute they’ve been ordered and ready to be chopped in half and served for lunch or dinner.

The Yabbies were served in the pan they were cooked in, probably around 4 yabbies split in half and cooked in a good mixture of garlic, butter, parsley (I think), a few other ingredients and the juices from the yabbies itself. Scrumptous things they were!

The waiter told us a funny comment a customer made earlier where they wanted to have the yabbie dish but not the live ones in the window. LOL…what yabbies did they want? The live ones in the back?

Anyway what I loved most was the bread rolls that came with them so we could dip them into the yabbie sauce. Like I said before, the bread rolls were awesome, so we asked for more as we quickly gobbled the first batch down.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience at Movida Next Door where the service was great, the food was more than great and the bread rolls were awesome! LOL!

I believe the dishes were fairly priced for the great selection of tappas. I haven’t tried the Original Movida but I’m pretty sure Movida Next Door does it proud. Location is great and when it’s not busy you have time to speak with the waiters and enjoy the food without having people bump into you or shout to have a conversation.

Location: 1 Hosier Ln, Melbourne, 3000
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Hofbrauhaus Melbourne – German Pub/Restaurant

Hofbrauhaus (Pronounced Hofe-Broy-House) – To me it sounds like Opera-House

German Food, Beer, Schnapps & live entertainment. That sums up Horbrauhaus. Once you walk in you feel like you’re in Germany, not that I’ve been to Germany but it certainly plays it part with all the German posters, dim lighting and signs of .

What this place is probably famous for is its German beer, served in all different sizes from a standard glass, 500ml and of course your 1L glass (Oktoberfest style).

I wanted to try a few different beers so I went for the 500ml glass but if you know what you want you’re better off going with the 1L because when you’re at Hofbrauhaus drinking is a must! I’m not sure what German beer is supposed to taste like but I’m not usually good with beer but all the beers I tried went down smoothly. Next time 1L glasses all the way!!!

Depending on the time and day they have live entertainment which could be a two piece band to a full band and some German dancing. I went there on a Wednesday for a work end of year dinner, the place was a little quiet but we had two cute German performers in their German outfits playing the drums and accordion. Give them a clap for their hard work and they’ll say a thank you and merrily play their tunes.

I was so hungry I wasn’t able to take a photo of everyone’s food but don’t let the photos deceive you because the food gets served in a very large plate and the vegetables you see on the plate, like the broccoli is massive.
I got the chef’s recommendation which was sausage with mash potatoes, mustard and sauerkraut.
One of my work mates are into schnitzels and I’m pretty sure he ordered a Hahnchen Schnitzel but it looked too dry so he ordered mushroom sauce as a side.

Can’t remember what this was but as you can see the mushroom sauce looked mouth watering.
Hofbrauhaus is definitely a place to go if you want a hearty meal and a whole lot of beer. They also do functions which would be a ball and next time I go I will go during their peak times maybe on a Friday or Saturday and drink til my belly bursts. If you’re stumbling down Chinatown and come across one of my favourite Japanese restaurants Shoya then you will find Hofbrauhaus right across the road or probably more well known restuarant Flowerdrum.

Location: 18-24 Market Lane, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia
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