Chin Chin Restaurant – a blast of Asian flavours


Fusion asian dishes, walk-in restaurant with no bookings except for one table of 10-12 people which means, waiting a long time to get a seat if you’re not there early. We went on a Friday night but some of the guys came late and at Chin Chin they won’t seat you unless the whole party is there. So we were told that the wait was 3hours. We were determined to dine at Chin Chin that night so we occupied ourselves for 3 hours and awaited a text message saying that our table was ready. We finally made it in and it did not disappoint.

The staff are super friendly, they were willing to help us with the menu because there’s so much to choose from but luckily our friend was a regular and she ordered us some of the popular dishes. We told them to bring them out as they were ready because we were starving at that point. To get the most out of Chin Chin, it’s definitely a good idea to order a number of dishes to share so you can taste a bit of everything.

You must try the twice cooked beef ribs. They simply melt off the bone and the flavours are superb. The crunchy school prawns with the shrimp paste dip are awesome too. The chicken salad was a good refreshing dish to complement our other dishes and everyone loved the Palm sugar ice cream sundae with salted honeycomb and lime syrup. Just saying the name makes your mouth water.

Here’s a little highlight video of our Chin Chin dinner, such a great little place. I love Melbourne.

Overall, Chin Chin is well worth the hype and with a menu with over 40 items to choose from, there’s definitely a reason to come back. Live and busy atmosphere, can be a bit squashy and tight spaced for some and if you’re willing to wait for a table or gather a group of 10-12 people then Chin Chin is ready for you.

Chin Chin
125 Flinders Ln
Melbourne VIC

Oriental TeaHouse – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

San Choi Bao

When I think Tea House, I think tea pots and tea bags so every time I passed Oriental TeaHouse I didn’t stop to think they ever served food which they absolutely do. I would call their food selections as yum-cha style servings and dumplings are their specialty. But to showcase their food selections Oriental Tea House in Melbourne Central is currently running a special called “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”.

Which means exactly what it says but with a few rules. You get a set menu (see below) depending on the week. From writing this post they’re in their third week and lets hope they continue on with this because I quite liked the idea for this restaurant.

The offer is only available on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights after 5pm which isn’t too bad as they close at around 9:30pm. You also need to go through the whole set menu before re-ordering any of the other dishes but from my experience, you’ll be lucky to even go through the menu twice. But there’s always something that you wouldn’t mind trying again, and again and again. Those chocolate dumplings are the BOMB!

The menu lists down all the dishes to choose from but they either come together with other dishes or are presented separately. The first on our menu was the Chicken San Choi Bao & Peking Duck. Peking Duck is one of my favourite foods and if it was just me and my mates we would keep re-ordering peking duck. The San Choi Bao was packed with chicken so this one can get messy.

The dumplings – You get six dumplings served in a bamboo steamer which two have different different fillings depending on the week and then a mystery dumpling. I love their dumplings, the skin is perfectly wrapped and is not to thin or thick that it’ll break when you pick them up. Then the rest is up to your preferred dumpling filling. We were served the Roast Duck Dumpling, the Chive Dumpling and the “mystery” dumpling was a Prawn and Pork Dumpling.

At this point the others were struggling to keep up but I couldn’t let food go to waste. We had the Szechuan Pepper Chicken and Roast Pork served with steamed rice. The szechuan chicken was slightly spicy but if you wanted more spice then you could always ask for chilli sauce and fresh chilli’s. My favourite was the roast pork which I reckon would of ordered along with the peking duck again. I found it a little weird served in the foil box but that didn’t stop me from eating my way through them. They were so soft and juicy!

And finally dessert. If you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m a sweet tooth but have recently tamed my cravings so it’s always good to treat yourself from time to time. All I have to say is Chocolate Dumplings. They have these on their normal menu where you get three of them served with ice-cream. Can’t go wrong.

Be quick to tryout this offer as it’s already into its third week and I’m hoping they continue this for longer because I want to take my friends. Personally, I don’t think anyone could go through the set menu twice but it is worth going back for certain seconds. Make sure you don’t eat lunch and if anyone can claim they went through the menu twice, let me know so I can bow down to your great appetite. Btw, it’s Monday today but it’s a public holiday and I don’t think it’s available on public holidays 🙁 but don’t worry, they’re still open.

Location: GD 068/69 Melbourne Central Shopping Centre (Elizabeth st entrance for the Melbourne Central train station) Melbourne Central, VIC 3000
View Google Maps
Phone: +613 9066 0207
Opening Hours: Sun – Wed: 10.00am – 9.30pm, Thursday: 10.00am – 10.30pm, Fri – Sat: 10.00am – 11.00pm

The Churro Truck – Vic Market – Churro King’s

Do you know of the Churro Truck permanently parked at the Victoria Market Peel St end? Of course you do because it’s the best churros and freshest churros around. Hordes of people stand there like zombies waiting for the churros to be freshly cooked because we all know churros are best when they’re warm.

The guys let me hop inside the truck and take some photos to see the churro cooking in action and so I could get some nice photos. When the churros are done they’re hung for a minute to let it cool slightly and then chopped into churro pieces and served fresh with a dusting of icing sugar and an optional choice of warm milk chocolate sauce.

The churro truck is open everyday except the days when Vic Market are closed which is Monday & Wednesday  I like my churros plain with some icing sugar and passing the churro truck when I’m in the area I just have to get some. Say hello to the guys in the truck, they won’t bite.

Location: Peel Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 3000
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If you’re hanging for some breakfast or lunch in the area why not try La Cantina? See my post here La Cantina – Vic Market – Burrito’s, BOOM!


Spanish Doughnuts – All Churro-ed Out

Chocolate Covered Churros
OMG, chocolate covered churros!!! That’s right with the help of Ashley from Food Pampering Yourself and Spanish Doughnuts I got to taste them all, well most of them! That’s why I’m all churro-ed out! So many different chocolate coverings and stuffing to make anyone go into a Churro Food Coma.

Here’s what I tried and a few more! They have milk chocolate churro, dark chocolate, white chocolate, tripple chocolate, caramel stuffed churro, custard stuffed churro, peanut butter stuffed churro, jam stuffed churros, plain churros and much more!
Display of Churros But my favourite type of churro is the plain type. I like em soft, crunchy, sprinkled with icing sugar and served with a side of milk, dark or white chocolate.Plain ChurroI went to the store on Elizabeth St close to Flinders St, don’t expect a massive store where you can chomp away on churros because it’s a small express Churro outlet with a few tables outside but I guess it’s more for on the go cravings! If you love churro’s I dare you to try them all!
Spanish Doughnuts - Store Front



OKAY! If you’re a churro junkie and you think you can eat all the churro’s above and more then Spanish Doughnuts are holding their very first CHURRO EATING COMPETITION!!! Where you can win $1000 for eating the most churros in 2 minutes. That’s right, one thousand dollars! From me posting this you don’t have much time to register because registration closes just before 11am on the 13th of August 2011 where they’ll be randomly selecting 10 lucky contestants to partake in the Churro Eating Competition! They’ll announce this at their Westfield Doncaster store. Don’t worry you don’t have to be there, they’ll notify you by email. The actual competition will be held on Saturday the 20th of August, noon at Federation Square, Melbourne. So you better Register Now!


Don’t worry if you don’t make the cut, they’ll be giving out a whole lot of free Churros on the day and you’ll get to see 10 very eager churro eaters chomping on a whole lot of churro.

To sum up it up…

Registration: Closes at around 10:30am Saturday 13th August 2011. Click here to register!

Churro Eating Competition:
@ Federation Square
Saturday 20th August 2011
12pm (noon)


Anyways, got a churro craving or want a churro with a twist? Try out Spanish Doughnuts. They have a stall down at Flinders St Station as well so when you get off the train or while waiting for your train, maybe try each flavour and share it here.
Spanish Doughnuts - Sign

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Location: 9 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, 3000
View Google Map
Phone: (03) 9654 5577