Grill’d Guild Movember – FREE Grill’d Burgers for 10 days

That’s right 10 Grill’d Burgers for FREE for 10 days in November all for a good cause! And that cause is called ‘Movember’ which focuses on men’s health and in particular Prostate Cancer & Depression.

But there’s several catches to getting your FREE Grill’d burger but nothing bad or hard. If you’re wondering how you can get on board, it’s too late because the offer is done and completed for 2011 but here’s some things you need to know if Grill’d decide to do it again next year (terms and conditions may change for 2012)

1. You need to be a registered Movember member
2. You need to raise $40.00 before you can claim the Grill’d offer
3. You can only get your FREE Grill’d burger between the dates specified, this year it was the 8/11/11 – 17/11/11
4. You can only dine in & claim your FREE burger between 2:00-3:30PM and 8:00-9:30PM
5. Must provide I.D

Other terms and conditions apply but they’re the main ones.

If you can abide by the rules and have easy access to a Grill’d restaurant then 10 burgers in 10 days is doable. For me, I did my best but for two of the days I offered two of my donators a Grill’d burger on the house which made me try the Grilled Chicken Salad on one of the days, a few days of chips and then a different burger a day. 7 out of 10 FREE burgers isn’t too bad and I can say I loved my lunches for a week.

Grill’d burgers are the bomb and the chips are up there too even though their prices can deter the average burger eater but cause they’re so good, price can be excused sometimes.

I hope Grill’d will do this again next year because I know a number of my friends will join the Movember band wagon with the inticing Grill’d Burger offer which is a win/win situation for all. I certainly enjoyed trying out different burgers from their range instead of going with my comfort choice of the hearty Mighty Melbourne burger.

Even though the Grill’d burger offer is complete, it doesn’t mean Movember is over! So please continue to donate to people you know who is growing a Mo for Movember or if you don’t, donate to TheLearnerChef!

I’m still on a mission to try every burger on the Grill’d menu so follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook to see if I ever complete this goal.

Checkout my Movember Grill’d journey below.