St Ali’s South – warehouse turned power coffee house


This is an old post but stuck in my ever growing draft folder. Although because of the buzz of St Ali South & North we had to check it out. Warehouse turned into a pretty nifty coffee house. Come at the wrong time and be prepared to wait in line.

We wanted to try something different so we went for the siphon coffee. The way siphon coffee is made is pretty cool but you need to get accustomed to the flavour it produces and although there are different flavours, it’s not our cup of tea. Didn’t try their normal coffees because they do pride themselves in their bean selection. Oh well, an excuse to go back I guess.

Best Cafe’s in Melbourne.- according to The Learner Chef

We also tried the My Mexican Cousin which is St Ali South’s popular dish. It wasn’t bad, a bit oily but I guess it’s a glorified deep fried corn fritter. The saganaki on top was nice though.

All up, the atmosphere was great, the wait wasn’t and we tried something new. The barista took too long to make the siphon coffee and the owner was a bit rude when I went to pay. I’d go back just to try some other dishes but not rushing back anytime soon.

St Ali South
12-18 Yarra Pl
South Melbourne
VIC 3205 AUS
(03) 9686 2990

112 Tram – Stop 127 Clarendon St/York St
96 Tram – Stop 127 South Melbourne Market