Honeymooning in South Korea – Episode 1: “Learnerchef Style”

We’ve always wanted to go South Korea and we knew we were gonna have so much fun that we decided to do it “Gangnam Styles” where ever we went. Checkout our “LearnerChef Style” video of our South Korea trip and also note this is Episode 1 of 2 because we couldn’t fit our whole trip into one. Hope you enjoy because we had a blast.

Here’s some places we visited:

-EWA Woman’s University
-Lotte World
-Jeju Island

Vietnam Trip 2012 – Highlights

Here’s a quick highlight of our 2 day Vietnam stop over before we head to South Korea. So watch this space 🙂

The traffic is nuts in Vietnam, the food is amazing (pho, banh xeo (vietnamese pancakes), hotpots, etc), we love Vietnamese coffee, the weather is hot and muggy but we had an amazing time and got to see Jenny’s family which was extra special. Plus they spoilt us by picking us up and driving us everywhere and showing us all the local hot spots for food. Can’t wait to go back to Vietnam for a longer holiday in February next year for 4 weeks during the very festive season of Chinese New Year.

Enjoy 🙂

Epic Fail Tiramisu


Jenny and I were so excited! We made our very first tiramisu and although it wasn’t that hard there was a bit of pride in our work. But that pride and joy did not last long.

Let me share the story…

Jenny had a hen’s night to go to but the tiramisu wasn’t destined for that type of action. So Erwin was running solo heading to another party and thought that strapping a seatbelt on for Mr Tiramisu into the front seat would be a good idea. Boy was he in for a surprise.

A heavy foot on the break pedal and BOOM!

Erwin screams out

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! MR TIRAMISU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

. He was totally shattered but at least there was half left and a story to tell when he got to the party.

And that’s THE END of my EPIC FAIL moment.