Cookie Monster Cupcakes so easy to make

Cookie Monster Cupcakes will be the hit of your party. They look cool and everyone wants to take photos of them. Next time I’ll try and make Oscar the Grouch and Elmo cupcakes!!!

It’s so easy to make these. Just make any flavour cupcake then time to decorate.

1. Cut a slit for the mouth
2. Spread on some blue icing (use food colouring with cream cheese icing)
3. sprinkle on some long blue sprinkles on top of the icing – make sure to cover most of the icing because I think it looks better (blue sprinkles found at your local cake shop)
4. Use some fondant icing for the eyes (found at your local cake shop)
5. And for the final touch use some chocolate chip cookies to place it in the slit you cut in the cupcake for Cookie Monster’s mouth.

That’s it! But make sure you leave plenty of time to put these together as it takes time to make the eyes, you need to let the cupcakes cool before icing them and then presentation is always good when you take your time.