The Churro Truck – Vic Market – Churro King’s

Do you know of the Churro Truck permanently parked at the Victoria Market Peel St end? Of course you do because it’s the best churros and freshest churros around. Hordes of people stand there like zombies waiting for the churros to be freshly cooked because we all know churros are best when they’re warm.

The guys let me hop inside the truck and take some photos to see the churro cooking in action and so I could get some nice photos. When the churros are done they’re hung for a minute to let it cool slightly and then chopped into churro pieces and served fresh with a dusting of icing sugar and an optional choice of warm milk chocolate sauce.

The churro truck is open everyday except the days when Vic Market are closed which is Monday & Wednesday  I like my churros plain with some icing sugar and passing the churro truck when I’m in the area I just have to get some. Say hello to the guys in the truck, they won’t bite.

Location: Peel Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 3000
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If you’re hanging for some breakfast or lunch in the area why not try La Cantina? See my post here La Cantina – Vic Market – Burrito’s, BOOM!


La Cantina Vic Market – Burrito’s, BOOM!


Have you ever been wondering where to find some good South American food? Well in the heart of Vic Market (F Shed) you’ll find La Cantina. I would of never found this place if it wasn’t for my friend at work who took us there for lunch. They’re open when the Vic Market is open so that’s everyday except for Monday & Wednesday.

Love the South American vibe and the music makes you want to get up and start dancing. Across from the bar area there’s ample seating on the market side.

I’ve heard their coffees are pretty good which was evident when the coffee crowd was lining up grabbing their coffee fixes.

I love food and when I was eating this Chicken Burrito I was loving every moment of it, BOOM! I have to say it’s probably best burrito I’ve ever tasted but then again I’ve only had a few. The chicken was marinated well and the wrap was nice and soft and everything just went well together! It’s all homemade so you’re getting authentic South American food and I guarantee it will fill you up because it’s massive!

My friends had the Chacarero with the lot and I think that’s classified as a steak sandwich. The picture below doesn’t do it justice but what’s inside is a thin marinated steak patties, salsa, chopped tomatoes, mayonnaise and guacamole. I had to have a bite and it was pretty damn tasty.

We also had some tappas chorizo and these chilli powdered chips. I’m not a fan of chilli but I had my Mexican Lime drink or Inca Kola on standby.

After lunch it was time for siesta! The burrito was the BOMB and the side tappas just topped it off.

La Cantina has been opened for around 3 years now. I wish I found this place earlier. All those trips down to the Vic Market wondering what to eat. I got to take a photo with the faces behind the counter and pictured on the right of me with the funky moustache is Christian Silva the owner of La Cantina.

If you’re umming and ahhhing about where to eat around the Vic Market precinct or feel like a South American type of breakfast or lunch then La Cantina will satisfy your South American cravings. On a beautiful day with worn out feet from market shopping all morning then La Cantina is the place to sit back relax, sip on some coffee, beer or cocktails (yes they have liquor) and have some fresh homemade South American brunch. I highly recommend the Chicken or Beef Burrito!

Location: Shop 24, F Shed, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 3000
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Care for some Churros?

If you look on the bar behind the menu’s you’ll find a little display with the Spanish Donuts truck which represents the one just around the corner off the Peel St end of the market where you can’t go past without being tempted to buy some Churros! See my post on the Churro Truck – Vic Market