Group Buying – Spreets, Sccopon – Are you in on the Deal?

Group Buying! Is it a fad, is it fun and is it affordable? The answer is, YES, yes & YES! Who doesn’t want to save money when they’re going out? Do you buy the entertainment book but hardly use it? Forget the entertainment book, online group buying is FREE to use, it’s dining and exploring on a budget and is easily accessible at home, work and on the move.

I personally use these sites to take advantage of good deals on restaurants, fine dining, winery tours and the odd experience package here and there. If you haven’t noticed, a number of my reviews have been enticed by the group buy system. Here’s a few tips if you haven’t tried it before or if you’re still a bit sceptical.

How does it work?

1. First thing to do is to sign up! My favourite group buys are Spreets and Scoopon.

2. See a deal you like, click on the Buy button (depending on site), fill in your details, put your credit card details in, complete the purchase and then you wait til there’s enough people to tip the deal (depending on the deal).

3. If the group buy is on, the site will charge your credit card and then send your voucher to your registered email or you can view it on your account page (make sure you entered your email correctly) and then it’s up to you to make the booking and use the deal.

4. When you make your booking, they’ll most likely ask you if you’re using a voucher but if they don’t ask let them know you are, just to save issues when you get there.

5. Always read the terms and conditions before buying. I went to a restaurant and a couple next to us sat down for their meal and just like us was asked for their voucher/s but the couple assumed it was a dinner for 2 with one voucher. Although the deal was one voucher per person. So the couple was asked to pay extra for the other person and you guessed what happened next, the couple were very upset and left the restaurant. Always read the fine print.

Can I trust these group buying sites?
Yes, but I would stick to the more popular Group Buy sites, such as Spreets, Scoopon, Cudo and Channel Ten’s OurDeal. The sites are secure and use SSL encryption but it would be nice if they used Paypal for their transactions.

If you are going to start somewhere, I recommend signing up to one of these sites:
Choose your city and sign up to Spreets! I’ve used Spreets several times now and all their deals have gone smoothly and if you refer a friend, you get a bonus $10 credit added to your account.
The above picture is an example of one of their awesome deals which I have taken advantage before (Previous Post Mandala). For $29 you get 2 mains, 2 desserts and a glass of wine for 2!!! See what I mean? What a steal! If that doesn’t convince you, checkout Scoopon.

Scoopon is hosted and partnered with the very popular and No.1 Australian Online site CatchOfTheDay. If Spreets deals don’t do me justice, Scoopon is there to pick up the pieces. Scoopon’s main deal today was a pampering package which I would only use for special occasions and when I want to spoil my loved ones but their side deals can also make me smile. If you own an iPhone, then Scoopon have their very own iPhone app to be used on the move.

Are you in on the deal? If you’re not using one of these many group buy sites, then you’re missing out on some awesome deals at affordable prices and missing out on places and things you wouldn’t normally go to or do unless there was a reason to. And that reason here is to indulge at the right price.