Coffee Sponge Cake – My 26th Birthday

I know, the post is 1 and a half months late of my birthday but that doesn’t change my age, I’m still 26 today and will be for a number of months.

On my birthday my sister asks me “Erwin, what cake do you want for your birthday?” I replied back “I’m not sure, I wouldn’t mind a coffee cake or a black forest mud cake, are you going to make me one?” I then say to myself “Wait a moment…..why don’t I make my own birthday cake?”

Yes I know how sad, but I thought it would be interesting to what I could come up with. Out of the two cakes I assumed the coffee cake would be the easier one. I breezed through the process and found my creative juices working when it came to decorating the cake. I think this cake started me on this new journey of baking and cooking.

i love you like a fat kid loves cake
– 50 Cent

The cake is coated with coffee flavoured cream, walnuts for dressing, white chocolate pieces to crown and a cadbury flake in the middle to tease.