8 comments on “Kinya Japanese Cuisine – Hidden Treasure

  1. Hah, another group buy voucher meal – you really are into them! :) Shame about dessert – guess they’re not really a strong point at Japanese restaurants!

  2. Yup!!! I love them. at the moment theyre taking up all my restaurant time, but word of mouth has been my new venture as some people have recommended a whole bunch of new funky and different places to try.

    yeah I know dessert isn’t the best at most Japanese restaurants but I’m a sucker for green tea ice-cream or anything with green tea. :)

  3. Ahhh… gotta love the voucher deals! But they are so dangerous though because you keep buying them. I love the look of this this place, it does make you feel like you are in Japan (not that I’ve been but this is what I’d imagine Japan to look like lol)

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