5 comments on “Horoki Casual Dining Bar – Evening Delights

  1. What I love about Horoki is their Japanese/European fusion. Who else does octopus in butter and garlic, just like it’s escargot? Or the tuna tataki with parmesan! Pure genius!

    By the way…welcome to the blogging scene! And please pass on my regards to Jen!

    • I agree mellie, I need to go back and try everything.

      Thank you. It’s taken me a while to get used to this thing called blogging but I guess i’m still a newbie. Thanks for the support and I will pass on your hello to Jen, she’s always been a big fan of yours. Hopefully we can cross paths some time.

    • YUM~! how was the rice noodles & egg roe? i must try, i’ve had the spaghetti version & thats delish =)

      ur photos are awesome too!

      • The rice noodles & egg roe was great, it reminded me of a filo dish we have but the dish went down smoothly with my beer. Thanks ewee, I try my best.

        Lets have a bite to eat here sometime. I still need to get your Quay photos off you.

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